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We're gathering SOCKS for the Homeless. It's simple and easy! Thanksgiving through December 31st, You can make a difference.

Sock Ambassadors:

Can be in any state or any country.

Role of a Sock Ambassador:

• Contact family & friends inviting them to participate in the Sock-it-to-em Campaign.

• Ask friends, family and neighbors to gather socks for the homeless.

• Remember places you visit: Dentist office, Dr.’s office, Coffee Shops, Beauty Salons– last

year one small local shop gave over two dozen socks!

•Think of buying socks while grocery shopping, at the mall and those wonderful discounted

places such as TJ Maxx, ROSS and Tuesday Morning.

• Simply get the word out, gather socks until Dec. 31st and then take to a homeless shelter

of your choice in your city the first week in January.

• Keep track of how many pairs of socks, so we can all celebrate the success of how many

socks our united effort creates!

• Email us your name (If you wish may be first name only.) City and State and Country if not

United State

How to find a Shelter:

    Google your city and search 
"Homeless Shelter." Then call
shelter and tell them that you are  participating in the

Sock-It-To-Em Campaign, a program that is delivering socks to the homeless and set a day and time - first week in January - to deliver the socks you have gathered.

NOTE: If you do not want to deliver them yourself, see if someone else might and/or mail them to the shelter. You might find a partner and use the buddy system to help deliver the socks with you.

Let's see how many socks per city, state and country we can deliver to those in need!


The Sock-It-To-Em Sock Campaign and Small Business Drives America™

“No-Socks-To-Work™” Day  December 11, 2013

For one day, the nation’s workforce will forego wearing socks on the job and instead donate a new pair of men’s, women’s or children’s stockings to benefit those in need during this winter season.

The 2nd Annual “No-Socks-To-Work™” Day will be held on December 11, 2013 as governors and mayors, postal carriers and bus drivers, accountants and lawyers, and especially small business owners pledge to spend the day sockless, while donating a pair of new socks to the Sock- It-To-Em campaign.

Founder of Sock-it-to-em Sock Campaign is Susan Elizabeth Lee.  Susan Elizabeth is also CEO of EQ Media, Inc. and creator of “I Believe in Me!”  A Preschool edutainment program  www.ibelieveinmekids.com  President of Sock Ambassadors for Sock-it-to-em Sock Campaign is Phillis Shimamoto an Integrated Healing - Kinesiology Practitioner www.phillisshimamoto.com

The list of drop off locations, companies and prominent individuals who have pledged to support the “No-Socks-To-Work™” Day drive is growing daily and can be found at www.No-Socks.org.   Please notify

NoSocksToWork@gmail.com if your place of business can be a drop off point.

Everyone who plans to participate on December 11th can take the “No-Socks-To-Work™” pledge on Twitter @NoSocksToWork.  See www.Twitter.com/nosocktowork

Small Business Owners Pose with bare feet in shoes to honor your support of “No-Socks-To-Work™” and The Sock-It-To-Em Sock Campaign AND send your photos with your company name, individual’s name(s) to be posted on the site.  SEND TO: NoSocksToWork@gmail.com

For more information on how to be a sponsor, supporter or how to participate as a business in contact

Other companies – big and small – interested in supporting “No-Socks-To-Work™” Day are encouraged to contact Dean Rotbart or David Biondo.  Each sponsor will be asked to pledge a minimum number of socks to the drive in keeping with their means.

To sponsor or participate in “No-Socks-To-Work™” Day, contact Rotbart and Biondo at 303-296-1200.

NoSocksToWork@gmail.com     or       

Founder of Sock-it-to-em Sock Campaign   Susan Elizabeth Lee   Susan@Sock-it-to-em.com

President of Sock Ambassadors   Pshimamoto@msn.com